Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about OTC Benefits Management Programs and Plans. Feel free to contact us if you don’t find any answers to your questions below.

That decision is made by the plan and there can be different benefits for a Medicare Advantage member as compared to a Dual member.

That is a decision made by the plan, but typically it is monthly or quarterly benefit.

That is also determined by the plan, some have a use it or lose it policy, other’s allow a roll over.

A member can order just once in the agreed period.

They can if the plan allows it.

The plan makes that decision, but typically both are included.

Phone, fax, mail or online.

That is included in our product cost.

That too is included in our product cost.

Yes that is agreed with the plan.

We recommend receiving a daily eligibility file via a secure ftp site.

Only shipped products are billed weekly.

Orders are completed with 24-48 hours of receipt.

Orders are shipped out 48-72 hours once they have been processed.

No the system does not allow that to happen.

The eligibility file will advise us of any such changes.

We will hire a dedicated team for a plan and therefore meet any language requirements .

Typically phone and shipping metrics, but these can be custom designed.