OTC Benefit Management

Over the counter management

As health plans and payers have begun to recognize the important role that OTC products can play in the overall health of their members they are increasingly looking for ways to engage their members in providing these benefits to their members.


Affordable OTC Management Plans

Anderson Wellness’s Over-the-counter (OTC) Benefit Management program offers plans the ability to partner and provide them with a fully comprehensive custom designed solution. While most plans have so far preferred the external model where the entire program is managed by Anderson Wellness, some plans may prefer to implement an internal model that is run and managed by the plan itself and AW can design and provide such a solution.

Convenient Over-the-counter Solution

The onboarding of an OTC program will vary according to whether it is a new or current program and depending on the complexity can take anywhere from one to three months.

Over-the-counter products (OTC) are conveniently available items that do not require a prescription and are typically used in the initial treatment of a minor ailment, or as a preventive measure.

The widespread availability of these products has provided important options to the increasing number of consumers concerned about their own health and wellness.

Meeting with a plans CMO and other key participants the following topics are examples of what will need to be discussed:

  • Current or Anticipated Program Design
  • Ordering Options , Phone, Mail, Fax, Online.
  • Ordering Frequency and Roll Over Option
  • Call Center Language Requirements
  • Category and Product Selection
  • Catalog Design, Approval, Printing and Mailing.
  • Billing and Pricing
  • Reporting and Utilization
  • Security and Compliance
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The program will provide free nationwide home delivery and will comply with all State and local taxes an area that is too often overlooked and which can have serious consequences for a health plan.