OTC Products Explained

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What Are OTC Products

Over the counter drugs and products (OTC) are conveniently available items that do not require a prescription and are typically used in the initial treatment of a minor ailment, or as a preventive measure.

The widespread availability of these products has provided important options to the increasing number of consumers concerned about their own health and wellness.

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association in an important analysis of the OTC market has found that:

  • while consumers make 26 trips per year to purchase OTC products, on average they will only visit their doctor three times in a year.
  • they further conclude that for every one dollar spent on an OTC item there is a saving of at least $6 to the overall health care system.
  • the majority of illness episodes are treated without having to see a healthcare professional.
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Our OTC Products

Branded & Generic OTC Products

The OTC spectrum covers numerous categories and hundreds of products both branded and generic and every Health plan should recognize these products as vital partners in their goal of maintaining their members health and wellness.